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Terror & Erebus

One of the tales from history that I have always been quite Fascinated by was the tail of the two ships Erebus and Terror, who set forth from Victorian England to chart a course through the permanent ice of the Arctic Circle  in an attempt to find the Northwest...

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Ministerial Diary Accountability

At about the same time as my previous rant there was a a news story going around about how the opposition wanted access to the appointments diary of the Federal Attorney-General George Brandis. The claimed reason behind the request for the release was to find out who...

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Tea and Irritability

So a while back, before I’d actually started writing again on this blog, I was on a plane and having just been reading Annabelle Crabbe’s book The Wife Drought (which I’ve been reading a bit at a time for a couple of months now). One of the major components of the...

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Cycling around Hobart has created something of a conundrum for me. We live up a reasonable hill. It’s a bit of an effort to ride back home after cycling into the city, although not unmanageable. I just sweat a lot and have to have a cold drink and a sit down once I...

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